We are reimagining the
access of health insurance
in Africa,
by enabling millions of underserved and unserved people to buy and use health insurance through smartphones. Join now to get early access!
What MyHI Offer
Instant medical insurance
MyHI will give you access to buy and get health insurance cover instantly through your smartphone.
Simplified experience
Forget about lost cards! MyHI will provide you with an insurance digital card to be used when accessing healthcare service in hospital.
Wide range of plans
MyHI will provide you the ability to choose and customize insurance plans depending on your needs and financial capability.
Direct feedback
Our purpose is to make insurance policies that people want and thats why we are listening from you so that we can continue to improve our services.
Why should you choose MyHI
  1. MyHI offers peace of mind knowing that every where you go with your phone, your insurance is
  2. Have Control of health insurance wherever you are, buy for friend or renewal
  3. We are listerning from customers and evolving fast, you did not found what you wanted? Tell us and we will work on it
1'st step towards a better future for health insurance & healthcare in Africa
What people say about us

I believe that MyHI will revolutionize access of health insurance in Tanzania and create huge impact in underserved and unserved population by traditional insurances in Africa

Edwin Bruno (CEO, Smart Africa Group)